Norfolk Import Kalahari Goats and Boer Goats

We are BREEDERS of Quality Kalahari Red & Boer Goats - exporting to Norfolk Island from Australia!

Magnificent Kalahari Red & Boer Goats- Bucks & Does

Breeding Does & Working Bucks in smaller 1 to 100 or larger quantities are available for export to Norfolk Island or any other region. Call for pricing.

FOB Warwick, Queensland Australia. - International Shipping via Air available from registered/ importers exporters.

Sired by top quality or registered buck(s) in Australia and/or South Africa- Albie Horn (Founder of the Kalahari Reds) and Wonderpan genetics and others.

Norfolk Island - why Kalahari Reds?

Interest in the Kalahari Red breed is worldwide. The hardiness of the breed, its excellent walking ability and good mothering attributes make it ideally suited to the harsh conditions predominant in large parts of Asia, South Africa and Australia. Does & Bucks use their sharp horns to protect their young.

Kalahari Reds does have excellent mothering abilities, and they can kid right in the paddock and can raise their offspring there. No assistance is needed to assist does to find their young. In South Africa and Australia natural selection is made strongly in favor of these attributes because offspring that are properly cared for by their mothers will do likewise for their own progeny. Through natural selection processes, only the fittest Kalahari Reds mothers have survived.

The Kalahari Reds does are fertile and produce plenty of milk, and as a result, the offspring grow fast. Kalahari Reds Breeders select for twins that are usually of equal strength. Generally, newborn offspring are strong and have a strong urge to suck. They herd well, and animals flock together. They breed all year round, and will drop three times every two years.

Kalahari Reds can be used to give Australian goats a uniform, solid red colour, with all the unique advantages that this brings. Their earthy colour provides a good camouflage that protects them from predators. White kids would be seen easily by foxes, pigs and eagles. They are fully pigmented, and therefore able to endure heat and strong sunshine. Their dark coats and long ears provide good heat resistance, and will feed for longer during the heat of the day, which ultimately means higher weight gains.

With their earthy colour, good mothering abilities and excellent mobility, the Kalahari Red is drawing widespread interest from breeders both locally and abroad. Kalahari Reds are less susceptible to diseases and need to be inoculated and dosed far less than other breeds. All of these easy-care qualities make the Kalahari Red a popular choice in areas where farming is less labour intensive.